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Sending The Ladder Down - Success Talks

Diahanne's Vlog: New Year Introductions

Diahanne Rhiney: Happy Mother's Day 2016

My philosophy is one of legacy, of hope and change. My objective is to share insightful experiences, to be both a story-teller and a spectator, on the stage and in the audeince. Implementing strategies for life and business, and most importantly, to be an inspirational model so that others may endure, conquer and succeed.

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I am enormously grateful to my family and friends who have stood at my side and continue to do so. For me, family is not determined merely by blood-ties and DNA but by mutual respect, connectivity and finding joy in being a piece in the jigsaw of each other’s lives.

It’s the spiritual ties that bind us together. I’m thankful that they truly know me, bestow me the privilege of their honesty and I trust entirely them to speak into my life. I welcome you to my world and thank you for joining me on this journey.