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Tea & a Chat

'I wonder, what makes people tick? What is it that lies at the core of who they are and the root of what drives them?'

Join Diahanne as she enjoys a 'Tea & A Chat' with some of the worlds most inspirational women.

Diahanne Rhiney Consultancy is the home of Diahanne’s professional PR services and skills, but it is also the hub of her spirit and zeal for people. The launch of Diahanne Rhiney TV is the perfect seat for Diahanne to finally recline and enjoy the privilege and pleasure of connecting with others. 

Derived from Diahanne's deep-seated adoration for connecting and learning from inspiring people,  fused with her desire to create platforms for viewers to feel inspired and be empowered. 

A far cry from the stuffy, staged and scripted daytime television format we are so familiar with, ‘Tea & A Chat’ goes back to basics. A natural setting, Diahanne eagerly steps foot in the homes of the people whom fascinate her the most; curls up on their sofa and drinks tea as they chat as friends do....

Read about Diahanne's incredible climb to the top and how she implements her 'lessons learned'  to 'send the elevator back down'. Read More...

J. Davies, viewer