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S.W.I.M is an example of my 'interventionist practice'. Due to burgeoning statistics, I accept that  Domestic Violence is now a potential destination for any young woman regardless of race, gender, sexuality or class. REFUGE and other endeavours are the crucial  escape gates; S.W.I.M is the signage on the route towards Domestic Violence. I think of S.W.I.M as the flame that will glow within you and remain alight regardless of where life takes you. 

'May it be a light for you in dark places, when all other lights go out', Lord Of The Rings

S.W.I.M is an interventionist, holistic approach. My team works to equip young girls and women with the tools to recognise, identify and define, their own standards and worth. By definition, preparations are self-defence; actions are self-offense. S.W.I.M Is a trailblazing self-defence method.  

Instilling Self-worth. Defining self-standards. Creating Wholeness. Intervention Over Cure.