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Dr Rhiney has returned to her hometown in Luton to LUR Live radio to co-host a weekly talkshow "Evening Chat with Diahanne Rhiney: What's the issue?". Alongside local figure Lenny T, the show features a lively mix of guest interviews and listener calls. 

"Radio is like a virtual café for us to meet up, share tips, opinions, insights and discoveries. On 'Evening Chat With Diahanne Rhiney: What's The Issue?' I have the opportunity to host the coming together of experts on various cultures and socio-political issues with our callers and listeners. Serving as the conduit for all this exciting talk and music with Lenny T is such a pleasure. No matter where my career takes me, I will always be a Luton girl and it's wonderful to be back every week!' 

What's The Issue? delves into the issues that most effects, concerns and interests a varied global listenership by featuring well-known weekly guests to commentate on current issues. The format is a hard-hitting yet informal one with Dr Rhiney and Lenny T, a natural chemistry drawing listeners in. Their humour, insight and 'realness' peppered with the hottest music is what makes this show work. 

Click below image to listen to Diahanne online!

Click below image to listen to Diahanne online!