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"You may never remember what a person said, but you will always remember how they made you feel”.

Maya Angelou wrote it. I endeavour to embody it. When I have the pleasure to advise, inspire, chat with or motivate any individual I am monopolising on something that is free but priceless. It is irreplaceable, it can be spent but never owned, wasted but never re-grown. It is Time. The people I connect with must walk away feeling as though the time they have spent with me was, to coin a cliché 'worth it'.

I live and breathe in the world of people, not profitability. I possess an inherent desire to speak the languages of sincerity and affirmative dialogue; to understand aspirations and ambitions, to share successes, failures and hopes. I aspire to use my own tools to help others to carve out the inspirational life of their choosing.

Commentator. Speaker. Founder

Dr Diahanne Rhiney is an award-­‐winning businesswoman, campaigner and psychologist. She has been instrumental in raising awareness for several global issues having collaborated with the National Blood Service and the African Caribbean Leukemia Trust. A survivor of Domestic Violence, Dr Rhiney is the founder of S.W.I.M: a pioneering new foundation focused on empowering women. She is also the founder of internationally renowned Diahanne Rhiney Consultancy and 'Be and Beyond'.

As a highly sought-­‐after heavyweight in the business domain, Dr Rhiney consults, advises and represents an impressive portfolio of globally recognised individuals and companies.

Diahanne is the host of a brand new online show 'Tea & A Chat' derived from her deep-­‐seated love for connecting with and learning from inspiring individuals. Having famously interviewed the late Coretta Scott-­‐King and having hosted (and commentated on) President Barack Obama's first inauguration celebration, Diahanne is a natural presenter, host and commentator.

Dr Rhiney is qualified to commentate, debate, host and present on the following topics: Mental health, well-­‐being, motivational speaking, sexual abuse, trauma, domestic violence, foster care and child psychology.

In business, Dr Rhiney has led targeted marketing campaigns for the NHS, BMW USA and Budweiser and is available to speak on: PR, business, start-­‐ups, industry, journalism, entrepreneurship, crisis management, marketing and media.

S.W.I.M Workshops 

Our workshops have been developed so that they can be implemented on a global scale to combat the Domestic Violence epidemic.


A Few Notable Achievements

Founder of S.W.I.M
Founder & CEO of Diahanne Rhiney Consultancy
Winner of The Athena 2009 award for most inspirational businesswoman
PhD in psychology

Media Spots

Presenter, 'Tea & A Chat'
Author, Huffington Post
Author, The Voice