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PR Services

 ‘When I meet someone new I don’t just see a ‘potential client’. My agency is not about mounting numbers or the names on the books. I see latent possibility and unrecognized capacity. I connect with the individual, I share their vision and believe in their purpose. Most importantly, I actualize their dreams and I feel a genuine desire to both join and guide their journey. This is my only pre-requisite, my paramount; the raison d'être of Diahanne Rhiney Consultancy’.

Diahanne Rhiney Consultancy is a leading-edge consultancy at the forefront of domestic and global strategies and campaigns for individual talent. The brainchild of Dr Diahanne Rhiney (who has been indomitably carving out a reputation as a PR heavyweight and entrepreneur for the past twenty years) Diahanne fuses her well-honed business stratagem with her personal passion for people; overseeing a first-rate team of professionals who pursue, share, and embody her vibrant vision. Diahanne is carving a niche as a pioneer who identifies individuals (both unknown and established) and asks:  how do you want to appear to the world? What is your legacy? Before tailoring a custom-made media and reputation strategy.

At Diahanne Rhiney Consultancy we are proud of our reputation as a welcoming and comprehensive enterprise that delivers results. We possess the tools, skills and expertise to create awareness, amplify your target markets and influence responses. We enhance your brand potential and restyle your image. Most importantly, we provide you with the reassurance of knowing you are working with a team that has experience, foresight and determination. Our intensive social media guidance facilitates your unique journey and gives you the confidence to embrace the power of social media.

Diahanne Rhiney Consultancy isn’t typical marketing spiel, yarn and spin; we are a bottom-line, grass-roots, hands-on approach to boosting you as an individual, your image and your brand. We are committed to delivering insight, management and bold ideas from end-to-end via our seamless framework, network and associates. Our primary objective is to unearth your story and convey it in a captivating way that will transform perception, boost image, inspire and create change.

PR Workshops

Unlike anything you have ever heard before, Diahanne smashes the clichés and turns the world of PR as we know it on its head. This is intensive coaching designed to bring out your ‘A-game’.


 Diahanne Rhiney Consultancy covers the following

Reputation management



Crisis management


Advertising Campaigns

Connecting…   Sharing…   Believing…