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NEXUS bridges the gap between soulfulness and success. With her core focus on authenticity, inner-strength and self-belief, Diahanne will show you the real blueprint for success. From relationships to business, Diahanne fuses her psychologist hat with her business head and introduces you to her world. 


  1. The opportunity to attend exclusive supper clubs and lunches.
  2. Invitations and discounts to launches and campaign events.
  3. Members only webinar training.
  4. Quarterly e-book series 'Be You' 'Be Dynamic' 'Be Free'.
  5. Exclusive and first-refusal access to new products, sales and promotions.
  6. Soul Supplements in the morning and (NEXUS members only) Mind Nourishment in the evening. 

Subscription product: available at Cub (for those who wish to start from scratch) and Sage (for those who are ready for advanced level advice)

NEXUS is the practiced and proven key to achieving wholeness. Dr Rhiney's approach to unearthing the strength within you and honing it to succeed in your personal, professional, financial and spiritual goals is finally ready to share!
When you join NEXUS, you are joining a global community that seeks to empower its members from within by: 


  1. Being Dynamic. Dr Rhiney will share her top tips, lessons learned, and words to the wise to give you that cutting-edge dynamic in business. From managing your accounts, to motivating staff, being a woman in a mans world, communication, marketing and investments, Diahanne will guide you every step of the way. 
  2. Getting back to basics and remembering what exactly drew you into your business, relationship, lifestyle in the first place. Tap into that positive energy again and love your life to the fullest. Whether a it's starting anew or simply a new lease of life.
  3. Learning how to be whole and authentic as a single parent, an entrepreneur or a married retiree; Dr Rhiney's methods can be applied no matter what stage of your life you're at. 
  4. Understanding the real strength that each of us have within and develop the ability to engage that strength to give all areas of your life meaning and purpose.
  5. Accessing some of the skills, tools and learning curves that took Dr Rhiney from model to leading PR Guru and psychologist.
  6. Dr Rhiney is keen to guide you towards freedom and authentic living. From her S.W.I.M foundation aimed at empowering and education young women and girls on how to avoid and escape Domestic Violence; to her blue-ribbon Be & Beyond retreats and supper clubs; you are sure to feel uncaged and uncut... 

Join NEXUS and start living life from the inside out... 

Be & Beyond 

Luxurious, exclusive and limited opportunities to imbibe positivity and connect with like-minded women.