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My Theory

To coin a phrase, I believe that in all areas of life 'prevention is better than cure'. However, in the world we live in, prevention can be challenging. This is why I practice a method of 'intervention'. From psychology, to business and socio-political issues; my passion lies in identifying an issue, tugging at the root and 'nipping it in the bud' before it deepens and distends into a major problem. 

“My approach is intensive and interventional, with an emphasis on early and practical detection where serious risks are identified and avoided”

In business, if we are able to spot our weaknesses and intercede, it is possible to flourish and exceed our own professional expectations. In life, if we can remove the mask, look into the mirror, identify our flaws and interrupt their development, it is proven that our relationships, self-esteem and self-growth will be a healthier process. As a psychologist I believe in getting to the core of any fear, habit or concern long before it damages our frame of mind, health and confidence. 

My theory is rooted in legacy. One of the most important things I believe a person can have is integrity and one of the most important things a person can leave is a rich legacy. When my  mother passed away, what made everything clear for me was the attendance of over a 1000 people to her funeral. Yet no one spoke of what car she drove, what academic institution she went to, or how much money she left.

I’ve experienced hardship, emotional trauma and loss, yet on the other hand I’ve been blessed with parents who instilled in me my identity and the core values and principles that I now live by.

Even though I’ve been through many challenges and times of significant change, some often uncomfortable, my response has always been the same: 'get up, stand up, brush yourself off because the best is yet to come’.

What was spoken of was that she was an amazing person, the good deeds she did for others and the impact she made in people’s lives. When my time comes, these are the things I want to be remembered for and it’s a legacy that I’m proud to carry forward.

These principles have safely guided me throughout my life and enabled me to be consistent, grow in confidence and be resilient. Most importantly, I’ve come to understand that above all things we always have to be true to self.

People often ask me what it means to be successful. For me, it’s about duplication and developing future leaders. Success, however you choose to define it, depends on relationship and collaboration. Last time I checked, no one makes it on their own. Ultimately, we need each other to love, nurture and support. There is always a team guiding, supporting or advising. I believe hard work, consistency and perseverance will always be rewarded, and nothing is wasted. I’ve been blessed to have a career that I love, with a good team around me. What we must remember is how we treat people on our way to success. This is a basic principle I live by and as cliché as it sounds I believe you should treat people how you would like to be treated.

I believe we also have a responsibility to give back to our communities, when we are in a position to do so. People seem to think that giving back means a financial gift, but it is so much more than this. You can give your time, your knowledge or your skill. I live by the principle that what you give with one hand, will always be given back with the other. Be a role model that will become a backdrop and set the tone for someone else’s life. We all have a part to play, no matter how small. I believe that while life is full of opportunities, it is also full of many injustices. I am passionate and committed about representing those who often have no voice. Those in our communities that are underrepresented or don’t fit society’s mold, as we all have hidden gems within us, we just have to invest the time and have the patience and perseverance to find it.

My strong views and value systems do not always come with welcomed approval. Often when you stand strongly with such conviction, you end up standing alone, as I believe that to be surrounded by ‘yes’ people can be a lonelier place. My mother always used to say, “Sometimes telling you what you don’t want to hear, I tell you because I love you”. I am grateful for my family and friends who have stood with me and continue to do so. To me family is not defined by blood but of respect and joy in each other’s life. It’s the ties and unconditional love that bond us together. I’m thankful that they truly know me, are honest and I trust them to speak into my life and the things that I do.

My hope is to create, and assist others in creating, a legacy that is enduring. My theory is to do so by seeking to 'send the elevator back down' as often as I can.