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S.W.I.M launches #CanYouHearUsNow Campaign

Ground-breaking Domestic Abuse charity Strength With In Me Foundation launches global campaign #CanYouHearUsNow? and achieves a social reach of over 800,000 people on its first day.

Just days after the full impact of the alarming toll of violence inflicted on women in London emerged, Strength With In Me Foundation boldly responded with an act of defiance.

Some of the U.K’s most respected campaigners have rallied around #CanYouHearUsNow?

Strength With In Me Foundation’s September 2016 campaign ‘Can You Hear Us Now?’ has officially launched. This response to the Domestic Abuse situation has been designed to create a united global front. This simple, effective, no frills campaign has been collating the voices of Domestic Abuse survivors from all over the world in a bid to give Domestic Abuse a ‘face’ and form a brazen act of solidarity in the face of increasingly alarming statistics.



Join us today and give a voice to the silent victims of Domestic Abuse.

Tweet your video with the handle @SWIM_DV and using the hashtag #CanYouHearUsNow

Upload your video to https://


Telephone us on 0333 332 1900 and we will make alternate arrangements to receive your video if these options are not possible for you.


Dr Rhiney speaks before audience at glittering 'Who Will Hear My Cry' charity launch and fundraiser


Dr Rhiney was invited to speak at the prestigious Gibson Hall in London on Saturday October 8th at charity 'Who Will Hear My Cry' held its highly-anticipated launch. Aimed at working with and assisting the victims of abuse, the launch firmly expressed the charity's commitment to vulnerable communities. Featuring world renowned DJ to the stars Nickie Cartel as well as live performances from Loose Ends and Hill St. Soul, Dr. Rhiney spoke about the dire need for community support in order to combat abuse and best assist victims in a rousing speech.


'My belief in people is paramount in everything l do. Connecting with people sets the tone and makes my purpose and direction in life clear. Even though l've been through many challenges and times of significant change, my response has always been the same- 'get up, stand up, and brush yourself off because the best is yet to come'. Your presence here is so welcomed. Start your day with my daily supplements, revive your energy and perspectives, meet the people who inspire and motivate me and join me on the journey to a life of wholeness and authenticity. Let's learn together on our travels so that we can nurture our individual growth and create a lasting legacy.

Oh, and a small disclaimer here, I can be a little crazy... '

Diahanne but to most Lady Di


I want to use my own tools to help others to carve out the life of their choosing and the ability to recognise their truest potential. [+]


To give a voice to those who have none, to shine a light on injustice and to fight the good fight. [+]


As an individual, I want to imbibe the positive energy and wisdom of the people who inspire me the most. [+]


Dr Diahanne Rhiney is synonymous with the unrelenting, multifaceted, tireless ‘superwoman’ archetype we have come to associate with powerful women in a Michele Obama-esque age. Leaping from a successful model to a sought-after business honcho, Diahanne has finally reached a natural platform wherein she can utilise her savvy as a PR expert and positively impact others in the same space.

Diahanne’s interview with the late Coretta Scott-King, was a game-changer. As was hosting and commentating on Barack Obama’s first Inauguration Celebration  followed swiftly by winning the Natwest Everywoman Athena Award. Diahanne currently pens several blogs and speaks at events and workshops all over the world on the topics nearest to her heart. She also runs the Diahanne Rhiney consultancy which represents a plethora of diverse, dynamic clients.

As a leading-edge consultant, Diahanne is a respected and authoritative commentator. She is regularly invited to speak and pen articles about business success, branding, media, personal development and the theories of change and interventionism.

Her ability extends to psychology and counselling in the gritty domain of domestic violence and abuse; a territory she is qualified in not purely due to her academic achievements as a psychologist but to her own personal experiences. Her own pioneering Domestic Violence campaign S.W.I.M (the acronym for ‘Strength With In Me’) is a trailblazing concept aimed at equipping the next generation with the tools to avoid negative relationships and make empowered life choices.

Dr Rhiney currently pens for The Huffington Post, The Voice Newspaper as well as hosting her own weekly talkshow on LUR Live radio and presenting her own show ‘Tea & A Chat’.

Tea & A Chat

Diahanne Rhiney Consultancy is the home of Diahanne’s professional PR services and skills, but it is also the hub of her.... [+]


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